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Adapting with the evolving workplace

The remote workforce – what it looks like and how it’s changing

The Global Workplace continues to shift as the post pandemic workforce takes its form. Rounding the corner into 2021, many professionals expect to continue on with most of their talent operating from home. As the world continues to integrate the Remote Workforce, new strategies, tools and business models are emerging to help management maximize the efficiency of their remote workflow.

As companies seek alternatives to business travel, one thing stands true – the business environment waits for no-one. If anything, it’s acceleratingBut business leaders don’t have to choose between operating a distributed organization and compromising success.

The workplace has evolved significantly in the last decade and employees no longer have to be tethered to their office desks in order to be productive.  In fact, Employers and Employees alike are beginning to view remote work  to be an industry standard, moving forward.

According to an article published on by Ashira Prossack, 3 out of 4 professionals expect more businesses to integrate more fully with a remote workforce in 2021:

“When asked about the future of the working environment, 74% of professionals answered that they believe remote work will become the new normal. This opinion is also shared by 76% of entrepreneurs, signaling a challenge not only for traditional office spaces but coworking spaces as well. “

This progression is a logical and natural expansion of the Modern Workplace as it continues to evolve and take form. Logistically, it makes sense for us to continue integrating remote work – in varying degrees – into our business models.

 Even as we open more of our doors for resumed business, many of our workers will continue working in a hybrid availability. Maintaining effective communications among remote teams through the use of software tools is critical for a business Seeking to Thrive in the new marketplace.  

Telecommunications platforms that support workforce mobility play a key role in maximizing the output of our remote teams. A reliable and adaptive communications system can be the difference between structured order among colleagues, and a chaotic workflow.

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic highlights only the tail end of a long growing push towards more remote work in the office space. Since 2007, Global Workplace Analytics has been tracking a 159% increase in jobs that offer remote work on a part time or full time basis.

 Kate Lister postulates that, by the end of 2021, 25 – 30 % of the total workforce will work multiple days per week from their home office.  Supporting this growing trend in remote availability requires sufficient infrastructure to keep up with the demands of the modern workplace.

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