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Adjusting to an evolving workplace

How to make sure your business is up to speed with modern communications

If you or somebody close to you works in an Office Space, you will have undoubtedly noticed a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate post COVID-19. This article is meant to give you a more concrete view of HOW the workplace has changed and WHY it impacts the work that you do, on a daily basis, as well as from a bird’s eye view.

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has irreversibly changed the way businesses around the world operate and function. Telecommunications, in particular, has undergone a massive transformation, and services that used to be viewed as a luxury have now become necessities in the modern workplace. Voice Over IP Communications (VOIP), while already having been a steady presence in the world of Communications, are now seen more and more as a necessary axis of business functionality.

An insightful article from, published in 2019, compiles key VOIP Statistics for the business marketplace, looking ahead at the next decade: 

  • $183.7 billion – expected size of mobile VoIP Market by 2027 (Business Wire, 2020)
  • 3 billion – projected mobile VOIP users by 2021 (WisdomPlexus, 2019)
  • Computer-to-phone VoIP services will experience their highest market growth between 2017 and 2024. (Persistence Market Research)

Simply put, On premise, hardware based Communications Solutions were not designed to meet the needs of the Modern Workplace. Outdated hardware, third party Telco carriers (think: AT&T/Verizon) and the increasingly limited availability of on site resources put businesses that aren’t willing to adapt to changing times in a position to fail. There are New and Innovative VOIP Solutions that offer off-site hosting, single party Ownership of your telephone lines, adaptive communications systems, and, most importantly, the Flexibility for each business owner to craft a Solution that meets the unique needs of their business, ranging from large scale operations, to small-medium sized family businesses. Gsolutionz is on the forefront of marketplace Innovators – we are here for you to use as a resource to ensure that your company always lands on its feet, no matter what circumstance the outside worlds throws at you.

You wouldn’t run a 5k marathon in open-toed leather sandals, so why would you try to operate in the Modern Workplace with obsolete Telecommunications equipment? Gsolutionz offers you the very best in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaas), and Managed Voice Services that give you the utmost control over the way your business communicates and operates on a daily basis. Get in touch with one of our certified Communications Consultants today and start on your path towards the Telecommunications systems of the Future




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